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  • April 6, 2023

What Immigration Services Looks For on a Visa Petition

When applying for a US visa petition, many applicants must demonstrate they won’t impose an undue burden on the United States. To accomplish this objective, additional evidence may be required. This article aims to clarify what kind of evidence is required by the US Department of State in order for their approval of your petition. Here are theĀ immigration consultancy services in Calgary, AB which take into account this evidence in detail:

US Consulate

The US consulate petitions for all nonimmigrant visa classes, with the exception of student and exchange visas. This includes work visas and H1B visa petitions. When a petition is filed at a US consulate, USCIS instructions will be followed when deciding whether or not it will be approved.

US Embassy

When filing a visa petition at a US Embassy, INS instructions will be followed when deciding whether or not the petition should be granted. Examples of visas processed outside the US include Fiance Visas and K-1 Visas.

US Customs and Border Protection

When filing a visa petition at the US border, USCIS instructions will be used in deciding whether or not to approve it.


USCIS determines whether or not to approve visa petitions for virtually all other classes of nonimmigrant visas, such as the H1B visa, B-2 visa and L-1 petition.

US Consulate

Citizenship and immigration services assess whether an applicant will become a public charge when determining if a visa can be granted. A public charge is defined as someone who may become dependent on government for subsistence; those likely to become public charges will not be approved for a visa. Furthermore, those looking to remain permanently in America may want to demonstrate financial stability through proof of assets or income.

US Immigration Lawyers can advise you on what evidence to present for your visa application. They’ll also guarantee all documents adhere to US immigration law, increasing your chances of approval. Hiring a lawyer to prepare your petition saves time that would otherwise be spent waiting at the local US embassy or consulate.

Immigration lawyers can prepare a letter of support to be submitted with the visa application. This letter serves as proof that the applicant is “self-sufficient” and has enough funds to support themselves if granted permanent residence.


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