• March 5, 2023

Tips To Use Instagram For Event Planning And Coordination

The very definition of Instagram has changed since its inception when it was for taking snapshots only. It was a simple, yet powerful tool that comprised just a few clicks and the image captured. Instagram as it is today has come a long way. The evolution of the app has made it an all-inclusive platform for various services. Here are tips for event planning and coordination that are made possible by Instagram.

Hashtag Research

Researching the right hashtags can be as easy as clicking on the ‘Discover’ button. This will lead you to a page that shows trending topics and popular hashtags related to these trends. It is a lot of fun trying to think of new Instagram hashtags and try to be creative. By following popular hashtags in your niche, you will not only be able to connect with other event planners, but also showcase your event planning skills. The Instagram followers you buy fromĀ are guaranteed to be high-quality and provide you with real engagement.


Event planning can be a strenuous task that involves a lot of hard work and determination over an extended period of time. It might even become quite monotonous and boring at times as you plan the same activity again and again because nothing new has been introduced or tackled.

Instagram can help you keep your event planning alive by keeping it exciting, fresh and engaging. Engagement is the key for an event to be remembered. It is where your Instagram story will play a vital role in involving your audience and followers. Consider posts that are not only informative and actionable but also shareable in the form of inspiring messages or cute captions.


Instagram is a great platform to promote your events and build awareness. It is a visual and interactive way that lets you share your event, engage people and build a fan base. You can show pictures, videos and even post the event schedule on this app. You can also display the location of the event using Google Maps.


The best part about Instagram for event planners is its analytics feature, which shows how many people have seen your posts, how much engagement it got and how many followers you gained from it. These insights are helpful for event planners to know about the digital aspect of their event as it helps them to gauge the reach of the event. It is also useful in gauging which posts went more viral and which ones did not.

Team Collaboration

Instagram has become a great tool for team collaborations and communication. Event planners can share photos and updates on the go at almost any location or time by using this app. Team members can also comment on each other’s pictures, giving them feedback and new ideas.


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