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  • November 3, 2022

What is a sales estimator, and what are the benefits of using page one extension?

Amazon Sales Estimator is a program used for defining the possible sales of any item available on the site. By linking a product to the platform and making it available with a page one extension, also known as sales statistics, The Amazon sales estimator can deliver a close estimate of how many units are currently being sold.

If you are a new vendor on Amazon and looking to strategize selling, you need to choose the product you wish to sell along with the profit and the sales rate. If you can figure out the market value and the sales rate of a particular product, it will be easier to sell it on Amazon. And you must have the source of the product to sell it on Amazon.

There are some existing Amazon sellers in the field. If you need to claim the market, you need to beat them down with your sales strategy. In this way, the page one extension helps you out with knowing the opponent’s strategy. They also provide you with the nearest value of the product that is being sold on Amazon. You know that no one can predict the exact sales value of any product.

These values change from region to region over time. The price needs to be continuously monitored, and hour-by-hour price alterations are also being executed.

amazon plugin chrome

Some of the benefits of using an Amazon sales estimator

  • Gain knowledge about marketing your product and its performance. You can add similar products to the overall market.
  • Track the opponents’ pricing for similar products with the help of Chrome extensions. It can be monitored automatically with the help of the Amazon sales calculator.
  • Find the marketing strategy and keywords used by your opponent by using the Chrome extension in the sales calculator. So, you can create a market gap in different territories that are currently underserved by other Amazon sellers.
  • To know the sales market of the new product, this is a baseline that helps to know the similar products that launched recently on the sales market that are related to your product.
  • Avoid stocking the demand level in the marketplace by monitoring the opponent’s sales. The biggest struggle for new sellers in the market is that they don’t have effective knowledge and intelligence about the market. To provide information about the market, Amazon Chrome extensions are used by most of the new sellers.


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