Filming Locations
  • February 2, 2022


There are more than infinite grounds to cover if one prefers to have a “perfect” site for shooting their film. From all around the world, monuments and scenic beauty have never failed to astound the directors and gave their vision a new path in creating more indigenous plots for their films. Shooting apart from the studios, gives a sense of actualization to the cast on who’s acting the entire film stands upon. There maybe several filming locations available but selecting a suitable one with respect to the storyline matters a lot.

There are different factors which needs to be taken into consideration before signing off a filming location and investing a fortune. They are,

  1. Scout the surroundings well
  2. Take a virtual tour on a preliminary basis
  3. Connect with the Local Film Committee
  4. Capture shots from various angles to study them later
  5. Choose after acknowledging the script
  6. Work upon the climate element
  7. Sound team should check the severity of background noise
  8. Get familiar with the locality

These are some vital aspects which require detailing in this cinematic venture. The shooting equipment should be improvised and upgraded based on the theme so as to give an enhanced experience to the users. But there are a few who don’t require much speculation as they are no doubt the most appealing filming locations. Some of them are,

Filming Locations

  • Niagara Falls- A resplendent 50-meter falls situated in Canada invites numerous tourists from all over the world to enjoy a majestic view of this natural water body. There are elevator rides and boat expedition which are considered as the journey through the falls and mist. There’s no way a director can miss out this eye-capturing view in their movie. The films that were shot at this location are: “Superman II”, “Bruce Almighty”, “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”, “Marshall” and “Sharknado 2”.
  • Treasure Island: Emerged from an earthquake in San Francisco, this bay has been within the jurisdiction of US government used for the navy station andhousing community. But later on, they served as affordable quarters for the needy. The greenery that it provides is something to fall for. Movies that approached this location are: “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”.
  • Central Park: The green heart of New York has been known for its display of astounding flora and art works. “I Am Legend” film was shot here.


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