make cold foam with almond milk
  • January 28, 2022

Prepare the delicious cold brew at home

If you are looking for your hot coffee on summer days, then choosing a cold brew would be the great choice for you. Cold brew coffee is the most refreshing drink that you can have on hot summer days. Also, it is the best choice if you want to impress your guests with the best recipe. You don’t have to make a boring coffee every time you have guests at home. Offering a delicious cold brew coffee will make them wonder.

Cold-brew is not a big process as instead of brewing hot, they are brewed cold. However, you need to follow the right procedure to prepare the best coffee. There is numerous coffee blend that you can get from the market. So, you will enjoy a good amount of caffeine with the cold brew as it does not use any heat temperature to prepare the recipe.

The recipe for crewing a cold coffee is simple. Here are a few basic things about the Cold brew with almond milk recipe that you should learn to prepare the best coffee.

Is almond milk the best choice?

When it comes to preparing a cold brew at home, choosing the right milk type can be confusing. It is highly recommended to use nonfat cow milk for preparing the cold brew. You need to try almond milk for your next cold brew coffee at home.

Almond milk would be the best choice for you because it pairs perfectly with the cold brew. Because they come with sweetness and flavorful making your cold brew an enjoyable one. Using non-dairy products can be a great choice if you have any allergies. So, try Cold brew with almond milk recipe that would not make you go back to the dairy products.

make cold foam with almond milk

How to prepare?       

The recipe for preparing the cold brew coffee is simple. Take the right coffee roast according to your preference and water accordingly. Stir the coffee and water slightly. You can use any of the coffee makers to prepare the cold brew. With the right coffee maker, you could easily prepare the coffee within one hour, but you cannot enjoy an authentic cold brew. Because it takes more than 12 hours to prepare a cold brew.

So, to prepare a cold brew within a few hours you can use a Keurig brewer. After the brew is ready, pour it over ice and add almond milk. Now, you’re ready to enjoy the cold brew at home.


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