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  • August 5, 2022

Best Ecommerce Website Plugin Platforms for Small Business

WooCommerce by WooThemes is a trendy free WordPress plugin used to build feature-rich e-commerce websites. You can sell your products or services online by creating an online store with WooCommerce. Custom woocommerce shipping method themes can help you create an attractive and interesting website.

  1. Open source

There’s no shortage of high-quality eCommerce CMSs these days, all trying to help merchants sell online easily and creatively. The only woocommerce shipping method problem is that they have a high cost.

WooCommerce is completely free to download right now. However, even though WooCommerce is free and open source, it provides a lot of features right out of the box, and is extremely flexible both by nature and with additional custom extensions.

Goods service

  1. Tremendous flexibility

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of woocommerce shipping method  beginners is that merchants using the platform can use a lot of flexibility with their products without knowing much about the technical side of things.

Products can be detailed by selling prices, independent attributes, and more. Additionally, WooCommerce stores can sell physical, virtual, downloadable, and affiliate/third-party products.

  1. Excellent analytics

The primary tool any owner uses is their analytics tool. Many businesses new to e-commerce may not know how to apply an analytics system to their website or what statistics are required for analysis. Fortunately, WooCommerce has embraced such merchants.

The built-in analytics system formulates a wide range of crystal-clear statistics. Data such as total sales, sales by date, average order amount, individual customer statistics and more are neatly presented as graphs without having to leave the admin panel.


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