• October 4, 2022

Benefits Of Being A Private Instagram Viewer

From an 8 year to 80 yr old, everyone is aware of what social media is. However in a much more real sense do we actually know what it is? By theoretical definition social media is the umbrella term for all apps and websites that allow for communication between two or more parties through the medium of the internet. While social media has evolved a lot in today’s time, to incorporate almost any and everything one can imagine and more, there is still the question of security that persists. Parties like a private instagram viewer persist as a threat to the same.

Why is social media security so important?

Earlier social media was used simply as a recreational activity. It was meant for people to be used as a medium to escape from reality. However over time the lines have blurred quite well and social media has become a reality in itself instead of being something one escapes from. Today social media has evolved greatly from the status of being a recreational activity to becoming a huge part of our day to day life. It is no longer a platform where people occasionally post and enjoy random stuff. Rather it has become a platform for people to broadcast their entire lives. In times like these such information can very quickly fall into the wrong hands. This is why the emphasis on cyber security remains as strong as ever. A person’s personal information is a crucial part of their life. Many times people post private details such as their addresses, contact numbers and other information on these sites with professional purposes. However many hackers are looking for ways to simply misuse them for their own personal gain. While this is still a rare case, there are also times when many people who post themselves fall prey to cyber bullying.

private instagram viewer

As a community, creators and influencers as well as simply social media users are always looking out for one another. There have been many experts and knowledgeable people who have debated that posting a lot about your personal life on social media is one of the biggest mistake one can make. The craze around social media started with a huge bang and everyone wished to hop on it. However over time people have understood that all social media platforms come with strings attached. Social media is both a boon and a curse and people have slowly begun to realise this.


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