Custom Awards
  • March 10, 2022


Every trophy has its own unique feature and meaning, and it bestows the honor of that prize. When a certain award is won, each individual is ecstatic. The trophy symbolizes their success and serves as a reminder of their hard work and accomplishments.The method is unique, and the quality is unrivalled. More than a decade of expertise working with the industry’s most influential dealmakers and a thorough understanding of the unique requirements of bulge-bracket, middle-market, and boutique financial institutions. Every client for receives a first class, individualized experience. The process is frequently enlightening and always satisfying from idea rounds through the manufacturing of trophies. The instant you see the final product is the most satisfying. Each trophy winner is a handcrafted work of art. Our competitive advantage includes proprietary manufacturing and finishing procedures.

Custom Awards


Team always sets the standard for service quality by being approachable and energetic.Team design high-end trophies that reflect your client’s brand. In order to create a custom tombstone, we must first understand what makes your customer special. This goes beyond the original brand assets and inspiration you supply. The organization’s core will be driven by our creative deep dive. This physical depiction of your contract should make your team and stakeholders proud. Your aesthetics and ideals are reflected in the final present design. It is a special honor to be able to create this physical manifestation of your financial transaction, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Your customer relationship is in the best hands with our bespoke premium approach. Designs are inspired by both contemporary design and classic fine art concepts. We create elegant, striking financial tombstones that are as distinctive as your client’s brand. Design and construction, as well as packaging and presentation, are all areas in which we excel. Custom deal toys are created by Society Awards to complement your brand’s look.Our goal is to turn your idea into a unique and inspiring representation of the deal. To get started, though, you won’t need any prior design experience. We build custom designs to match your needs with as much or as little participation as you desire. You may have a sophisticated and specialized concept in mind, or we can take charge of the creative process on your behalf. From there, we can create a succession of designs.


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