Dallas collocation services
  • September 14, 2021

Everything You Want to Know About Colocation

Colocation hosting has becoming quite common as the businesses find themselves more and more dependent on the IT equipment and necessity to have the data safe and accessible at all times. Several companies do not want hassle of maintaining and monitoring the equipment constantly, and others do not have infrastructure and expertise for doing it, hence must hire Dallas collocation services.

What’s Colocation Service?

Colocation service is the third-party data resource that stores the network servers as well as equipment, which the private companies own. Their purpose is saving companies money and time from powering the technology internally. Instead, the business leaders may transport the servers & hardware to a different room inside this center, where equipment shares the space with servers & splits their cost of usage and electricity.

That depends on offerings of colocation center; the professionals will pay the fee for facility to perform the maintenance on servers that will include monitoring security of data & installing the new software applications for boosting their performance. Companies make use of colocation infrastructure, like cooling equipment & hard disks, to run their servers in a right way.

Dallas collocation services

Common features of colocation:

  • The colocation data centers generally have the backup generators with different levels of the redundancy or battery backup and uninterruptible power supplies, which depends on a facility.
  • Colocation offer cooling systems that will protect the hardware, generally including the redundant HVAC systems & chiller configurations (for example cooling towers, centrifugal chillers & water loop pumps).
  • Colocation provides space in service provider’s data center. The facilities are generally audited for reliability & include cabinets, racks as well as cable trays for the equipment.
  • Physical security. Majority of the colocation centers maintain the high physical security levels, which includes on-site security guards, biometric authorization and24x7x365 surveillance.


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