• March 28, 2021

Avoid The Unwanted And Unsecured Activities Using Your Company Network

While working without knowing about the risks of doing a specific work, you will suffer more because of doing that work. Thus if you wish that your company network should not face any troubles because of the unwanted risky work done by your employee, then you have to do the essentials to protect your company network. Hence to avoid the unwanted problems for your company network and browsing efficiency, you have to build a shield to restrict the access for the unsecured web pages. Because if your employee requests access to the unsafe web pages, then it will affect the efficiency of the network speed of your company. Hence to avoid the access of the web page which is you are considering as unwanted and also the unsecured web pages, you can make use of the function of the server system. If you connect the proxy server with your company network computers, then you could control the usage of the internet. Also, you could increase the network efficiency speed, monitor the internet usage by your team, and more.


You could monitor the complete activities of the employees working in a team that is functioning by sending a request for access to the different web pages if you use theĀ server. Because the proxy server will record the access request data in addition to deducting the unwanted progress in getting the result from the resource server. Thus you could check the access request details and other online activities of your team during the working time using the company network. If your employee team knows that you are monitoring their online activities and tracing every request access, then they will stop the unwanted activities during the working time. Thus in addition to avoiding the network usage for unwanted activities, the internet speed will also enhance correspondingly.


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