• November 19, 2020

How Communication Is Made Easy With a WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp Status, one of the best features that allows users to upload videos and images for their contacts to see, rather than simple text-based status communication, is now available to everyone. This feature is available on Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones worldwide. The new Quotes For Whatsapp Status, completely inspired by Snapchat stories, was announced by the company a few days ago.

WhatsApp has now been updated. You don’t have to get it right on the Google Store to use this feature as it’s now available in the app itself. In the past, the state used to be something boring, text-based that no one could learn or appreciate, although people all over the world have been known to update the state.

With the new feature, you can use WhatsApp to control who can easily see your status update. Right at the top of the WhatsApp tab is a privacy protection option. You have three options: “My contacts”, “Contacts” and “Your new status”. On Android, the option to protect privacy is definitely in the settings. Tap on the three dots on the WhatsApp home page and you will see an option to protect status at the top. You can choose between the three options again.

Under the personal status, you will see the small circular heads of your friends with a blue circle around them. That green circle indicates that they also have a status that you can review. You will keep tapping on these points to get updates to contact each other.

How to clear the status

Although the status updates disappear after a day, you can delete yours early if you want.

On the status display screen, tap the three dots following the My update button, tap the update you want to delete, and then click the delete icon.

How to mute the status

You can also mute a status to prevent it from appearing on its own status screen at the top of the list.

Just touch and hold the update you want to stop and select Mute when the selection appears.

To unmute, go to the Status screen, scroll down to the Muted Status field at the bottom, and then touch and hold the update you want to mute.


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